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Contract Eudemons

Contract your Original Eudemons to Soul Eudemons and you don`t need to pay for the minor Eudemons anymore!
1)How to get Contract Eudemon
Warrior, Mage, Paladin, and Ranger can convert unbound Original Eudemon to Contract Eudemon by Soul Contract. In the meanwhile, Necro Spirit, Blood Soul, and Dragon Spirit are regard as Contract Eudemons directly. 
If you create new character, original eudemons with higher rate you born with will become Contract Eudemons directly.
For the character before, you can choose one Original Eudemon to sign up Contract Eudemon through Graylina Cronus (326,502).
2)The Attribute of Contract Eudemon
The Contract Eudemon can not be thrown, traded, converted, sacrificed or regard as minor eudemon. One character can only own one contract eudemon at most.
Warrior, Mage, Paladin, and Ranger can terminate the soul contract through Graylina. After terminating, the contract eudemon will be vanished and you can sign again.
3)The Composing of Contract Eudemon
The composing rule of Contract Eudemon is the same as normal eudemon. Besides tradition eudemon,  Contract Eudemons can also use specific Minor Contact Eudemons.
The level of Contract Eudemon will not be changed after composing.  But it needs vitality which you get from hunting monster, training or using vitality Berry.
The Contract Eudemons composing is in specific interface which you can enter by clicking the button “Foster”under your Contract Eudemon if you are Warrior, Mage, Paladin, and Ranger. If you have Necro Spirit, Blood Soul, and Dragon Spirit, you can compose them in their interface.
Every composing consumes vitality. You cannot continue composing once you use up vitality.
“Metaspace” is a place to get Minor Contact Eudemons. You can get different stars minor Eudemons by sacrificing pure spirits or unbound eudemon which is under 10 stars. The Metaspace entrance is on the left of Eudemons List.
Tips: You can get plenty of 1 star - 4 stars Pure Spirit by completing daily instance(Beast Fortress, Warlord`s Treasury) every day.
The higher star the pure spirit is, the period of reshaping is shorter. You can event put more pure spirit to let the period shorter. You can terminate reshaping at any time, but the pure spirit will vanish.