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Divine Fire Racing



Aug. 19th – Sep 22nd


All server


Level 130+ and Divine Lv 65+




Name: Fire Racing Envoy Renata
Function: Guide;Portal
Location: Cronus 


1.From Aug 19th to 25th, heroes can join the pre quest of Divine Fire Racing pre quest and test your power. You can make a team to complete any difficulty of Eternal Hell to win a chest. Then you can upgrade your chest by completing more Eternal Hells with your teammate. The chest can be opened during Aug 26 to Sept 22.

2.From Aug. 26 to Sept. 22nd, Fire Racing Envoy Renata will stay in Cronus and host a grand challenge for all heroes reaching L130 and Divine Level 65. Come to challenge Eternal Hell and Infinite Void Tower!

3.Fire Racing Envoy Renata will record the time you used in Eternal Hell on Fire Racing Rankings. The less the time you used, the higher your ranking and the better your reward! 

4.By 21:59 on the last day of a round of Divine Fire Racing, the top 20 players on the Fire Racing Rankings can claim rewards from Fire Racing Envoy Renata during the next round. (Note: The time for claiming rewards for round 4 is from Sept. 23 to Sept. 29.)