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Hell Rescue


Hell Rescue


July 8th - 14th 18:00 - 18:30


All servers


Above Lv50


Tree Hell

Detail Walkthrough

1. Emerald Phin and Glass Laura have always defended the divine tree. But the tree also attracted demons. They polluted the tree and locked Emerald Phin and Glass Laura in Tree Hell. These demons even hurt Rainbow Dogs. From July 8th to July 14th, Edward (252,474), the forest spirit will come to Cronus to ask for help. All adventurers who reach level 50 can go to Tree Hell to save Emerald Phin and Glass Laura. Dear adventurers, please fight for justice!

2. There are 3 zones in Tree Hell, the residence zone, the military zone and the core zone. You must cross the first two zones first, Rescue Rainbow Dogs and Remove 100 points of evil energy, then you can come to the core zone where Emerald Phin and Glass Laura are locked up.

3. After you enter the core zone, you must defeat Evil Warden to save Emerald Phin and Glass Laura. During the event, the more damage you cause to Evil Warden, the better rewards you will get.

4. EPs got will be sent in proportion to adventurers who cause 30,000,000 points of damage and are ranked among top 300.

5. Ruler Stone Fragments can be exchanged for various kinds of rewards from Edward, the forest spirit in Cronus.

P.S. Ruler Stone Fragments will expire on July 21st. Each overdue fragment can be exchanged for 20 PPs.