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Eternal Hell


Eternal Hell


You can successfully challenge Mystic Forbidden Land in Ancient Fire Tomb twice a day


Name: Spiritual Flame
Description: A mighty Divine Fire. It is powerful enough to tear the earth and burn everything.

Name: Hell Fire
Description: It will burn out sin and cleanse the dirt. It is the first fire of fate in the hell.

Name: Demon Eye
Description: This mysterious eye came from the dark void. With the pure power of destruction, the Divine Fire will devour the earth, and everything in the world will turn into ashes.
In addition to the above rewards, you can also obtain a lot of Star Points and Sky Crystals.


All server


Divine Level 65


Eternal Hell


Name: Fire Tomb Supervisor Gea
Location: Cronus City (242,483)
Services: Introduces the quest, guides you to the quest zone

Name: Abyss Watcher Karl
Location: Eternal Hell (143,174)
Services: Introduces the quest, helps you leave the quest zone.

Detail Walkthrough

1、Every day, all adventurers above Divine Level 65 can enter Eternal Hell in Ancient Fire Tomb under the guidance of Gea (242,483), the Fire Tomb Supervisor in Cronus City. Notes: At most 5 heroes are allowed to enter Eternal Hell in a team.

2、There are Normal and Hero mode in Eternal Hell. Each mode has 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard and Hell.

3、After entering Eternal Hell, you can wake up Death God Nano (100,100) to start the challenge.

4. All common healing will have no effects in Eternal Hell, but the adventurer will also enter the stamina affinity status, which will restore 5% of the maximum stamina every 5 seconds

5. After you win the challenge, you can open Conquest Box to claim the rewards.

6. Please note that the Mystic Forbidden Land in Ancient Fire Tomb can be successfully challenged twice a day.