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Chaotic Cranny


Chaotic Cranny


You can successfully challenge Mystic Forbidden Land in Ancient Fire Tomb twice a day


Name: Spiritual Flame
Description: A mighty Divine Fire. It is powerful enough to tear the earth and burn everything.


All server


Character level 130, Divine Level 65


Chaotic Cranny


Name: Fire Tomb Supervisor Gea
Location: Cronus City (242,483)
Services: Introduces the quest, guides you to the quest zone

Name: Crack Watcher Raimond
Location: Chaotic Cranny(114,119)
Services: Introduces the quest, helps you leave the quest zone

Detail Walkthrough

1、Every day, all adventurers above Divine Level 65 can enter Chaotic Cranny in Ancient Fire Tomb under the guidance of Gea (242,483), the Ancient Fire Tomb Supervisor in Cronus City. Only single-player challenge is allowed in Chaotic Cranny.

2、After entering Chaotic Cranny, you can wake up Strange Survivor (67,74) to start the challenge

3、 In Chaotic Cranny, all common healing will have no effects, but the adventurer will also enter the life-affinity status, which will restore 5% of the maximum Stamina every 5 seconds.

4. The challenge lasts for only 6 minutes. The survivor will be transformed into the vision of King of Flames, Hell Tyrant and Thunder Dominator in turn. After the challenge is over, the final form of the survivor - Thunder Dominator Mallos will master the power of destruction and become invincible.

5. After you win the challenge, you can open Conquest Box to claim the rewards.

6. Please note that all Mystic Forbidden Lands in Ancient Fire Tomb can be successfully challenged twice a day.