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Flower Fairyland

Flower Fairyland Flower Love



Feb. 13th – 16th


All server


Level 90+





Name: Valentine Envoy Amanda
Function: Guide;Portal
Location: Cronus (343,396)


1.Flower Fairyland is such a romantic place for lovers to date in. But Ghostfire Lord Lutton and his spouse Ice Queen Lelise are so greedy that they want to occupy the land with their followers. If you reach level 90, you can enter Flower Fairyland to expel Luton and Lelise and get plenty of Pink Roses Bags from Feb. 13th to Feb. 16th, 2020. If you are interested in it, go to find Valentine Envoy Amanda (343,396) in Cronus! Each hero can enter Flower Fairyland once a day.

2.You may get Pink Roses Bags by killing demons on Flower Fairyland. When you succeed or fail in liberating a land, you can find Flower Faerie Loggie on Flower Fairyland to claim all the Pink Roses Bags you`ve got.

3.Heroes need to complete all four regions: wind, flower, snow and moon region and defeat monsters and bosses in related region. After that,heroes can challenge Ghostfire Lord Luton and Ice Queen Lelise in the center region.

4.Heroes can get a chance to open the portal to Faairy Secretland by defeating Ghostfire Lord Luton and Ice Queen Lelise and release Romeo and Juliet to win more extra rewards.