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The Growing Christmas Tree



The Growing Christmas Tree


Dec. 18th - Jan 5th


All server


Level 90+




Christmas Tree
Location: Cronus(253,476)

Detail Walkthrough

1、From Dec 18th to Jan 5th, if you reach Lv90 then you can cultivate a Christmas Tree and level it up with cultivation tools.


2、Scarifying Hoes, Manure Packs and Water Crystals can be used 3 times every day and increase the Christmas Tree by 3 Growth Points. Sunshine Pearles can be used to unlimitedly and increase the Christmas Tree by 10 Growth Points. If you want to get related tools, you can join Daily Quests and Christmas Events then you can have chance to win some tools every day.


3、You can win rewards by upgrading the level of tree. If you are among top 5 on the daily rankings one day, you can claim your rewards from Tree Cultivation Rankings before 23:59 on that day, if you are among top 10 on overall rankings, you can win great rewards. The higher level of tree, the better rewards you can get 

4. Daily Rankings Reward: Top1 (3*Christmas Lucky Fruits and P4 Growth Pack), Top 2 to 3(1*Christmas Lucky Fruit and P3 Growth Pack), Top 4 to 5(P3 Growth Pack).

5. Overall Rankings Reward: Top1 (30*Christmas Lucky Fruits and Notable Night Box), Top 2 to 3(20*Christmas Lucky Fruit and Notable Night Box), Top 4 to 10(10*Christmas Lucky Fruit and Notable Night Box). 

Note: Top1 of overall rankings needs to reach Lv 36 to claim top1 rewards. Top 2 to 3 of overall rankings needs to reach Lv 32 to claim top 2 to 3 rewards.  Top4 to 10 of overall rankings needs to reach Lv 28 to claim rewards.