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EO 14th Anniversary Celebration - Blessing of Cronus

Blessing of Cronus Anniversary Ceremony Anniversary Special Shop  Lunar Point Drop


Blessing of Cronus


June 10th – June 23rd


Tons of EXP and 14th Anniversary Coin


No Restriction



Key Item

14th Anniversary Coin (can be used in Anniversary coin shop and Anniversary coin auction)


Magic Fountain
Location: Cronus (346,381)
Function: Introduction. Rewards.
Location:  Cronus (342, 397 )
Function: Guide, Exchange rewards.


From June 10th to 23rd, All heroes are welcome to join the 13th Anniversary Celebration in Cronus. Visit the Magic Fountain in Cronus (346,381) and you will be surrounded by a magic energy field.

You and your Eudemons will gain tons of EXP (Note: Lv. 140 Eudemon will not gain EXP.), and you also have chance to get Anniversary Coin Bag. It is a free EXP feast! Don’t miss the chance!

During 12: 00 to 22:00, every sharp of each hour, lots of Anniversary Coin Box will appear around the Magic Fountain. Grab the coin box as soon as possible.  14th Anniversary coin can be used to exchange for awesome rewards in the Anniversary coin shop. You can open the Anniversary coin shop via Adela in Cronus (342, 397 ) after June 17th

You can also use the 14th Anniversary coin in the Anniversary coin auction. Genesis Flame Chests, Miraculous Fire Chests and so on can be bided in the auction. 0:00 -22:59 is the bid time and 23:00 – 23:59 is the settle time.